Murphy Bed Size Dimensions 

Choose the wall bed that fits your space

Murphy Wall Beds are available in standard Single, Double, Queen and King sizes and come in Vertical Tilt
and Horizontal/Side Tilt orientations.

Vertical Tilt Orientation

Vertical Tilt Orientation

Vertical Tilt Murphy Beds

The vertical tilt wall bed is the more popular wall bed orientation as it looks like a regular bed when it’s in the open position, and it allow you to get into your bed from both sides. Vertical tilt Murphy Beds can easily be turned into an entertainment unit by adding cabinets or bookshelves to either side of the wall bed, and you can also add a drop-down, self-levelling or conference style desk to serve as your workspace.

Vertical Width Height Depth Protrusion
Single 44.5" 80.25" 16" 85"
Double 59.5" 80.25" 16" 85"
Queen 65.5" 85.25" 16" 90"
King 83.5" 85.25" 16" 90"

Horizontal / Side Tilt Orientation

Horizontal/Side Tilt Orientation

Horizontal/Side Tilt Murphy Beds

Horizontal or side tilt wall beds are a great option for rooms with low ceilings or when there is a light fixture, chandelier or fan on the ceiling that may prevent the Murphy Bed from being opened without hitting it. Side tilt Murphy Beds may also be the preferred option if you don’t want to block the basement window. Side cabinets and drop-down desks can be added to your side tilt wall bed.

Side Tilt Width Height Depth Protrusion
Single 80" 47.25" 16" 49"
Double 80" 62.25" 16" 64"
Queen 85" 68.25" 16" 70"

Clearance for Murphy Beds

When the Murphy Bed is opened, the distance from the floor to the bottom of the bed frame is 9" based on the standard leg size. When using a 10" mattress (which is the maximum recommended thickness for our Murphy Beds), the top of your Murphy Bed mattress will be 19". Should you choose the 2" extended Leg option and a 12" mattress, then the Murphy Bed will be approximately 23" from the floor to the top of the mattress. Using the above chart details, below are the dimensions of a queen-size vertical-tilt Murphy Bed.

Side Cabinet Standard Dimensions

Below are the standard dimensions for our side cabinets, which may be added to either or both sides of your wall bed. The standard dimensions of any of our side cabinets may also be modified (narrower/wider/taller/deeper) to better accommodate your needs.

Width Height Depth
22" 77.5" 14"

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