Things to Consider Before Purchasing your Mattress for your Murphy Wall Bed

While Murphy Beds use regular mattresses that fit on the bed platform, there are a few basic points to consider before you purchase:

Maximum Mattress Thickness for Murphy Beds
When using the Regular Legs that are standard for all of our Murphy Bed kits, the maximum recommended thickness of the mattress is 10”. Should you choose the 2" Extended Leg option the maximum thickness accommodated is 12”.

Type of Mattress 
Solid memory foam mattress is generally not recommended for Murphy Beds or any wall bed. Solid memory foam mattresses can slump and deform under their own weight when stored in the vertical position which may prohibit the bed platform from opening & closing properly. Modern multi-layer foam mattresses are quite acceptable performing quite well behaving much the same way as spring coil mattress when stored in vertical position.

Do not be fooled by companies trying to sell you a mattress “specially” designed for a Murphy Bed. Most any spring coil or multi layer foam mattress will work well taking into consideration a maximum 10” thickness using our Regular Leg system and a maximum 12” thickness when using our 2" Extended Leg system.

Mattress Size
While we do sell mattresses to many of our customers, rest assure that our Murphy Beds will accommodate Single, Double, Queen, and King size standard Canadian & U.S dimension mattresses (Mexican mattress dimensions vary somewhat so please contact us if you are using Mexican-made mattresses.) This means you have the freedom to purchase a mattress wherever you choose to as well as possibly using a mattress you already own provided its thickness does not exceed recommended maximums as stated above.

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