Murphy Bed with Desk for Home Offices

Maximize your Space with Murphy Desk Beds

You want a home office, but you don't have enough space for one. Murphy Desk Beds lets you turn the extra room in your house to use as office or study. With our custom-made Murphy Wall Beds, you can go with the traditional office desk layout and a hide-way Murphy Wall Bed or choose one of our more innovative Murphy Desk Bed options that effortlessly transforms your home office into a comfortable bed.

Murphy Bed in Home Office
Full Home Office Setup with Murphy Wall Bed

Explore our wide range of options to create to create your own custom workspace at home. There's something here for everyone, whether you want a full home office setup that incorporates a Murphy Bed, or go with one of the more space saving designs below.  And if you need help deciding which option is best suited for your needs, contact us anytime – we’re happy to help!

Murphy Bed with Side Desk for Work or Study

For those who do not want a transform a spare room into a full home office setup, you can add a side desk that matches the material of your wall bed. You can also add side cabinets and shelving to your Murphy Bed with Side Desk setup.

Murphy Bed with Self Levelling Desk

If you would like a work or study station that doesn't take up too much space, the Murphy Bed with Self-Levelling Desk add-on effortlessly transforms your workspace into a full-size bed without the need to clear away the stuff on your desk. 

Murphy Wall Bed with Desk
Murphy Home Office

Murphy Bed with Drop Down Desk 

The Murphy Bed with Drop Down Desk is perfect for those who need a work space every now and again. When you're done, just fold the desk down for a clutter-free look. 

Murphy Bed with Conference Desk

The Murphy Bed with Conference Desk is great for those who would like a bigger surface desk area while still being able to fold it up when not in use. This setup also allows for two people to sit across from each other.


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