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Contemporary Handle & Knob Selections
Brush Nickel Bow 293mm & 165mm
Black Satin Bow 293mm & 165mm
Brush Nickel Cestria 296mm & 167mm
Strathcona 2-Tone Brush Nickel 268mm & 141mm
Polished Chrome & Mat Black Strathcona 268mm & 141mm
Brush Nickel Senia 270mm & 208mm
Black Satin Senia 270mm & 208mm
Oil Rub Finish Senia 270mm & 208mm
Brush Nickel Algonquin 160mm
Brush Nickel Lincoln Knob
Black Satin Lincoln Knob
Oil Rub Finish Lincoln Knob
Brush Nickel T Knob
Black Satin T Knob
Oil Rub Finish T Knob

Traditional & Transitional Handles & Knobs
Holland Traditonal Brush Nickel 181mm & 149mm
Holland Traditonal Black Satin 181mm & 149mm
Holland Traditonal Oil Rub Finish 181mm & 149mm
Libre Traditional Brush Nickel 173mm & 143mm
Libre Traditional Satin Black 173mm & 143mm
Libre Traditional Oil Rub Finish 173mm & 143mm
Corktown Brush Nickel Traditional
Corktown Black Satin Traditional
Puente Brush Nickel Transitional Knob
Puente Satin Black Transitional Knob
Lesville Brush Nickel Transitional Knob
Lesville Satin Black Transitional Knob
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