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Frequently Asked Questions
What Is The Difference Between a Murphy Bed And A Wall Bed?
While it is true that every Murphy Bed is a also a wall bed it is not true that every wall bed is a Murphy Bed - Sounds confusing? Actually the distinction is straight forward: Within Canada it is fact that the incorporation of wall bed hardware manufactured by the Murphy Hardware Company of Canada is what legitimately allows a wall bed to now be referred to as a Murphy Bed or Murphy Wall Bed.

But the difference does not stop there - Murphy Hardware of Canada produces wall bed hardware within ISO certified manufacturing facility and utilizes processes which can be an important point for the end consumer in that there is peace of mind with the knowledge that the individual components of the hardware used in their bed cabinet is produced under exacting conditions and has been making this wall bed hardware since 1975 and offers one of the best and longest warranties in the industry.     
What Kind Of Mattress Do I Use With My Murphy Bed?
Rest assured one of the great things about Murphy Beds is that it uses a regular spring filled or high density foam (not memory foam - more on this point below) mattress exactly like the ones used on a normal flat bed. With all of our Murphy Beds we recommend using a spring coil or high density foam mattress because they allow the mechanism to balance properly.

While Murphy Beds use regular mattresses that fit on the bed platform, there are a few basic points to consider before you purchase:

When using the Regular Legs that are standard for all of our Murphy Bed kits, the maximum recommended thickness of the mattress is 10”. Should you choose the 2" Extended Leg option the maximum thickness accommodated is 12”.

A memory foam mattress is generally not recommended for Murphy Beds or any wall bed. Foam mattresses can be very heavy, and the weight of the mattress may prohibit the mechanism from balancing properly. In addition, there is little structure within the mattress itself; the lack of support inside the mattress may result in the mattress slouching or buckling when stored in the upright position.

Do not be fooled by companies trying to sell you a mattress “specially” designed for a Murphy Bed. Any spring coil mattress will work taking into consideration a maximum 10” thickness using our Regular Leg system and a maximum 12” thickness when using our 2" Extended Leg system*.

While we do sell mattresses to many of our customers rest assure that all our Murphy Beds will all accommodate Single, Double, Queen, and King size standard North American dimension mattresses. This means you have the freedom to purchase a mattress wherever you prefer to as well as possibly using a mattress you already own provided it's thickness is not too great - See above notes detailing mattress thicknesses.
How can I ensure my wall bed is a verified Murphy Wall Bed?
When looking to buy a Murphy Bed remember to ask for proof from where you're thinking of buying from or you may also contact Murphy Hardware of Canada (1.800.667.6336 or at info@murphybeds.com) and ask them to verify that the dealer you're thinking of purchasing from is an authorized Murphy Bed Hardware dealer.
What sizes are available for my Murphy Bed and what are the dimensions?
Our Murphy Wall Beds are all available in standard Single, Double, Queen and King sizes as well as in Vertical Tilt and Side Tilt orientations.
Vertical Tilt Orientation:
Vertical Single - 44.5" wide X 80" high X 16" depth X 85" protrusion
Vertical Double - 59.5" wide X 80" high X 16" depth X 85" protrusion
Vertical Queen - 65.5" wide X 85" high X 16" depth X 90" protrusion
Vertical King - 83.5" wide X 85" high X 16" depth X 90" protrusion
Side Tilt Orientation:
Single Side Tilt - 80" wide X 47.25" high X 16" depth X 49" protrusion
Double Side Tilt - 80" wide X 62.25" high X 16" depth X 64" protrusion
Queen Side Tilt - 85" wide X 68.25" high X 16" depth X 70" protrusion
*Note if the 2" Extended Leg option is selected then add approximately 2.25" to the height of the Murphy Bed.
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