• What is the difference between a Murphy Bed and a Wall Bed?
    While it is true that every Murphy Bed is a also a wall bed it is not true that every wall bed is a Murphy Bed - Sounds confusing? Actually the distinction is straight forward: Within Canada it is fact that the incorporation of wall bed hardware manufactured by the Murphy Hardware Company of Canada is what legitimately allows a wall bed to now be referred to as a Murphy Bed or Murphy Wall Bed.

    But the difference does not stop there - Murphy Hardware of Canada produces wall bed hardware within ISO certified manufacturing facility and utilizes processes which can be an important point for the end consumer in that there is peace of mind with the knowledge that the individual components of the hardware used in their bed cabinet is produced under exacting conditions and has been making this wall bed hardware since 1975 and offers one of the best and longest warranties in the industry.     
  • What kind of mattress do I use with my Murphy Bed?
    Rest assured one of the great things about Murphy Beds is that it uses a regular spring filled or high density foam (not memory foam - more on this point below) mattress exactly like the ones used on a normal flat bed. With all of our Murphy Beds we recommend using a spring coil or high density multi-layer foam mattress because they allow the mechanism to balance properly. Click to read more on what to consider before purchasing your mattress for your murphy bed.
  • How much do custom Murphy Beds cost in Toronto and the GTA? 
    The price of a made-to-order Murphy Bed is influenced by different factors, including the size and orientation of the bed, the type of material used for your wall bed, and the door style you choose (e.g. Shaker Style, Contemporary or Raised Panel Door Style). You can also add side cabinets, crown finish top plates, reading lights and desks. A common price range for a ready-to-assemble Queen-size Vertical tilt version Murphy Bed is typically somewhere between $1,900 - $2,100. Click to get prices of specific wall bed examples we have sold in Ontario.
  • How can I ensure my wall bed is a verified Murphy Wall Bed?
    When looking to buy a Murphy Bed remember to ask for proof from the company you're thinking of buying from or you may also contact Murphy Hardware of Canada (1.800.667.6336 or at info@murphybeds.com) and ask them to verify that the dealer you're considering purchasing from is an authorized Murphy Bed Hardware dealer.
  • What sizes are available for my Murphy Bed and what are the dimensions?
    Our Murphy Wall Beds are all available in standard Single, Double, Queen and King sizes as well as in Vertical Tilt and Side Tilt orientations.  Click to get the dimensions based on orientation.
  • Is there a warranty on the Murphy Wall Bed by Urban Cabinetry?
    There is a 25-year parts warranty for the Murphy Bed hardware components (legs, frames, springs, tilt mechanism) underwritten by the Murphy Hardware Company of Canada and subject to their determination as to cause of product failure. The actual bed cabinet and side cabinet components, most notably the doors but also other elements which compose the bed and side cabinet, have a 5-year parts warranty underwritten by Urban Cabinetry against discolouration, delamination and cracking subject to their determination as to cause of the product failure. (Abusive treatment or misuse of the product will not qualify for either the Murphy Hardware Company of Canada parts warranty or the Urban Cabinetry warranty.)
  • Is assembly and installation included when I order my Murphy Bed?
    All of our Murphy Beds and side cabinets are made "ready to assemble" and self assembly is supported by online YouTube videos from Murphy Hardware Company in conjunction with written instructions. If your time is limited or furniture assembly is just not for you, delivery and assembly services throughout much of southern Ontario is available as an option from experienced independent trades people. Pricing for Murphy Bed and related cabinetry delivery and assembly services is available upon request.
  • Can I get a Murphy Bed in solid wood?
    While solid wood may have the perception of being more durable, it is not really the best material for Murphy Beds. Natural solid wood tends to expand and contract due to changing humidity levels in the atmosphere and with many screws required to secure the steel frame foundation hardware to the door panels, these same panels may split or crack because the screws holding the frame will not allow sufficient expansion or contraction of solid wood. At Urban Cabinetry, we use Engineered furniture grade materials for our Murphy Beds which is a more suitable material as expansion and contraction is minimal particularly when compared to solid wood.
  • How long do Murphy Beds last?
    A Murphy Bed is made up of the wood cabinetry and the hardware components that includes the bed frame foundation, legs, spring and the counter-balanced tilt mechanism. Under normal day-to-day usage, one should reasonably expect 15 or 20 years of service from your Murphy Bed. You’ll likely have grown tired of the door style and/or colour long before the bed itself is worn out!
  • How much time does it take to manufacture a custom Murphy Bed?
    While in the current climate of supply chain delays, typical manufacturing time for our made-to-order custom wall beds frequently depends upon the door style you choose. Contemporary styles are quickest, generally taking between 3-5 weeks to manufacture; Raised Panel doors take 6-8 weeks while Shaker style Murphy Beds currently has a wait period of 10 -14 weeks.

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